The Kingsbury Colombo [Review]

Most of you who are following my instagram channel (@stylehighness) would know that i  recently came back from Colombo, which was one of my best trips. I got to the chance to explore and stay at one of the finest and luxurious places in Colombo and spent my time living like the Royals do.

The Kingsbury Hotel, which is bejeweled as one of the best five-star in Colombo became my home for first three days of my trip.  Stylish, high-spec rooms and suites make this gleaming 10-floor oceanfront hotel, a great choice for visitors. It’s located right beside Colombo’s Galle Face Green & boasts a superb collection of restaurants, Modern Asian Cuisines, stunning views, stylish and elegant rooftop renowned for live entertainment, master mixologists and CÉ LA VI Colombo

My first day pretty much went in admiring the property and taking the property tour. This hotel is a popular weddings and events venue, so the lobby is often get quite busy.  I had my dinner in their authentic Chinese restaurant, Yue Chuan that serves Cantonese & Szechuan specialities, so authentic that you’ll feel as though you’re dining at one of the most popular restaurants in China. This restaurant is one of the only Chinese restaurants with Chinese chefs in Colombo.

Embellished with exotic, chic designs, Yue Chuan features a trademark glass-fronted kitchen that adds to its allure and allows guests to witness the creation of culinary experiences. Luckily, that day they had introduced special menu to celebrate the Chinese New Year & i got to be a part of food tasting with some amazing people who joined us at the table. The dishes were mouth-watering and so we all together devoured it within an hour. Delicious food to enjoy with a group of people who had a jolly nature, was a “cherry on the top” that made the day memorable.

I also met a renowned Chinese Blogger,  Amy Yang,  who is famous in both, China & Colombo. You can check her profile/blog at link below:  (@斯里兰卡小妞)

Day 2– It’s a new day, a new dawn & i’m feeling good.   The view from my Deluxe Galle Face Room was absolutely brilliant. Head over to my ‘Colombo instagram stories’ to check out the view and room tour video (Link:

After sipping the morning tea we head to the Harbour court for the breakfast.  It’s a global cuisine restaurant and among top restaurants in Sri Lanka. It is renowned not only for the amazing breakfast views but also for the delicious buffet spread.

Each meal of the day is a grand culinary convergence that brings specialities from around the world put together to form the longest buffet spread in Colombo. Would definitely recommend all of you to check out this place on your visit to Sri Lanka

We went out afterwards to explore the city and came back in afternoon 3:30 pm to soak up the sun and the enjoy the beautiful views from the pool near their most famous Honey Beach Club.

If you wish to take a quick tour of the lobby, here’s the link to series of short story videos – 

The night is young when you can bask in the unparalleled night views while sipping your cocktails crafted  by the region’s finest Mixologists  at CÉ LA VI Colombo which is Southeast Asia’s premier lifestyle destination, borne from the universally known French phrase that translates into ‘THIS IS LIFE

It has Sky Bar, a Lounge & a hidden gem – a restaurant where we witnessed a spectacular culinary display on Day 3.

Day 3 – It was Sunday and also the day i spent my day living life like a KING. I experienced grandeur like never before in their Presidential Suite.  It was as big as a luxurious apartment.  Convergence of eclectic British sophistication, modern styling, classical contemporary ambience, elegantly furnished living spaces perfectly describes this suite.

By now i had hearty accepted that true meaning of elegance, grace & splendor for me could have only be discovered at The Kingsbury , where they bring you regal indulgence, outstanding individual comforts & the best service amongst hotels in Colombo.

Next up was an hour of pampering session at  Senses Spa where i let me worries ease away as my senses awaken to a new realm of relaxation. Would definitely recommend you their new Chocolate Oil Spa treatment

It was late afternoon when we decided to head to The Gourmet Station for high tea.  It is renowned among foodies for it’s divine cakes, sandwiches,  & artisan teas. Every afternoon they lay out a splendid array of delicacies in buffet such as pink salmon,  chicken sandwiches, wraps, shakes, macaroons & more!

Our stay at Kingsbury was coming to an end but the best part of the whole experience was still awaiting us at the CE LA VI’ restaurant which is among the hidden treasures of this hotel and  connects  bar and lounge through this narrow lane leading you to its door.

I decided to Don the Chef’s hat and learn some new tricks & style of cooking from Head Chef @sihildesilva

This restaurant is one of the very few restaurants in Sri Lanka that cooks food in Teppanyaki style. It was my first time when i experienced it and savoured some mouthwatering and flavoursome Morden Asian Cuisines at Teppanyaki station. It was truly a spectacular culinary display. Located atop of the @thekingsbury, make sure you visit this place when you come to Colombo. Trust me, you cannot miss this!

My personal favourites dishes are –
Crab soup, Calamari fish, Prawns, Lobster,Fresh salmon with white wine, Salmon sesame, Tuna sesame,
Salmon nigiri, Calfornia roll, Spicy Tuna ¶ Desserts- Hazzelnut Truffle, Rose & Watermelon Petit Gateaux

It was a pleasure staying at a hotel that has redefined luxury and is renowned for its elegant accommodation, exceptional service and diverse culinary experience. The team at Kingsbury made sure that guest should feel like a guest first, and a customer second. Highly recommended to check out this property next time you visit Colombo.

Date of visit: 18th Jan 2019

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