Fitness First [Review]

A gym membership is essential for all of us these days to stay fit.  3 out of my 5 weekly runs are done on a  treadmill. Core workouts and strengthening exercises are also an integral part of my running program and I complete these exercises at the gym. Lastly, I like shaking things up every now and then, so trying out group classes like spinning and yoga at the gym, is a convenient way for me to cross train without having to commit to an entire set of new classes.

I was working out at the same gym for over 1.5 years but, just last month, I made a smart decision to switch to Fitness First. I heard about the buzz in the community about the Fitness First Gym and decided to give a try.

I joined Hamilton House Club that features an all-new international freestyle training zone for movement based training. Members can enjoy the challenges of a 40 ft dash track and exciting new equipment such as the Synergy 360, ViPR, TRX, Kettlebells, etc. The Group Exercise studio is equipped to offer programs such as Group TRX along with other popular classes including zumba, yoga, mix martial arts and Les Mills favourites like BodyBalance, Body Combat, BodyPump.

The equipment and facilities are state of the art. Check these out:

1) Top-of-the-line treadmills! This is the first thing I check out at a gym of course!  Their treaders are those that I only usually encounter at the gyms of 5-star hotels. Needless to say I was impressed.   They’ve also got spinning bikes, ellipticals, and other machines for strengthening as well.

2) Freestyle area is a place that members can use for stretching, TRX, core, and other exercises. They even hold the  Freestyle Group Training here where groups of 4 -5 can work out together.

3) Spinning Room

4) Studio for various group classes

5) Locker Room

Fitness First is the kind of gym where they’ve thought of everything little thing for you even before you realized you needed it. Need a drink? There’s a hydration station with tea and coffee. Need a towel? They’ve got that too.

My only question now is: Why didn’t I switch sooner?!!

So if you guys are looking for a change, then do take it into consideration! And if you any questions then happy to answer 🙂




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