AnnaMaya & Andaz Spa, Andaz Hotel, Aerocity [Review]

There are hotels that delight your stay so much, that you feel like coming back again and again. Their comfort factor, location,  service and  the whole experience makes you fall in love with that place.


Andaz Hotel, certainly comes under that category.  It is a luxury lifestyle hotel by Hyatt. Located in Aerocity next to Indira Gandhi International airport, Andaz Delhi is in close proximity to the business hubs of Delhi and Gurgaon as well as some of the iconic tourist destinations and shopping locations in the city. It offers a unique experience of this vibrant city making it one of the top luxury & top airport hotels in Delhi.

Inspired by vibrancy and flavors of India, the hotel’s new European-style food hall, AnnaMaya is breaking culinary stereotypes.

Derived from ‘Anna’ or the essence of the Earth, AnnaMaya encapsulates water, food grains, fruits, vegetables, milk, ghee and everything else that is required for the human body to survive. AnnaMaya is the Goddess of Food and Magic.

Executive Chef Alex Moser, who has been with the Hyatt chain for the past 18 years and hails form Germany, has coined the catchphrase ‘Eat mindful. Shop Artisanal. Raise Awareness.’ – To encapsulate what AnnaMaya stands for.
And under its wide-ranging umbrella, Chef Alex has brought together foods, products, and recipes from all over the country in a symphony of flavors and combinations.

Like many European food halls, AnnaMaya is a place where food is served and interesting artisanal
produce and items are available for sale. The food hall follows the ‘Made in India’ concept, as all
products used have to be produced in India, must have a socially inspiring story behind the business
execution, and their current business module must be socially relevant in order to help communities and
their respective environments within India.

What sets AnnaMaya apart is its vibe of curated informality. Amid oversized floral sculptures made by the artist Valay Gada, with daylight dappling in through coloured glass panes, you can order from an a la carte menu that features, among its highlights, duck keema samosa, garlic prawns, smoked salon, lotus root curry & spicy mango curry with kerela red rice. For guests who like to experiment, there is the Turkey Pineapple Burger too. On offer are a selection of grilled meats, seafood, vibrant salads, light modern curries, coffees, lassies re-imagined cocktails, mouth-watering desserts  & shakes such as Monster shake.

Once you’re done dining, you can shop from a variety of Indian artisanal products—coffees from Blue Tokai, gourmet sugars and salts from Artisan Palate, no-preservatives-added natural juices from Mountain Love, small-batch goodies from Indah Chocolates (there is a dark concoction with gondhoraj lemon and ginger that’s flying off the racks), and handcrafted tea blends from No 3 Clive Road, among many others. All, needless to say, have been chosen to reflect not only the philosophy behind AnnaMaya, but because of the inspiring stories behind them and the social impact they manifest in the areas they operate.

With the opening of AnnaMaya, Delhi has received the first of a new kind of restaurant, where the origin of the food matters just as much as its destination.

Next up is the Andaz Spa

Being mindful about the environment, Andaz Spa journeys combine seasonal fruits, herbs, minerals and essential oils with authentic therapies to balance the body and mind. Discover a calming sanctuary amidst the hustle and bustle of Delhi. The moment you enter the Andaz Spa, you will experience a regional retreat with locally inspired healing treatments, massages, body rituals, facials and aromatherapy, that are designed to refresh your body and spirit.

It offers an innovative apothecary approach guided by your Chakra energies and desires. Each chakra represent a different part of the body. Their signature therapy, the Andaz Spa signature experience is a concept that customizes the guest’s individual needs, aromatherapy preferences, together with an apothecary consultant, that creates custom-tailored oil mix from a base of grapeseed oils, lavender, rosemary, jasmine, chamomile, green tea, or plantain.

Guided yoga and meditation sessions can also be arranged for at the outdoor lawns or Andaz Spa. The spa features a unisex relaxation room, locker rooms complete with sauna, steam
room for both men and women. Additionally, the facility features soon to open full service hair salon. Plus, you can enjoy herbal tea or a refreshing detox water while in between treatments.

Reflecting the unique culture of Delhi, this hotel offers local inspirations throughout. We had an amazing time and look forward to coming back here again soon.


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