Aureole Hotel, Mumbai – Hotel That Feels Like Home [Review]

One can travel far and wide for the new and the novel, but there’s still no place like home. When you’re day dreaming about getting away to some peaceful place, the hotel that feels like home look like this. 🙂


For many, frequent travelers in particular, hotels are more than a place to lay your head down for the night. With stays that can stretch into weeks, travelers often seek a hotel that instills feelings of comfort and familiarity—that feels like home. That’s what we felt about Aureole Hotel.

Aureole Hotel feels like a home away from home —with the added bonus of amazing food at all day dining restaurant- Lume, quick room service & rooftop bar cum lounge, Patch of sky.  It situated in Andheri East,  just a few minutes away from airport.

This boutique luxury property has a themed interior, which changes from every floor – A vintage theme, a corporate theme, a cut-out inspired theme and my personal favorite- Hammock theme. So every floor has a different story to tell and different from the other floors. These rooms and suites made us fall in love with the property.  They 3 types of rooms for guests to choose from – Deluxe, Suite & Presidential suite.

Though it is a vegetarian only place, but their varieties of dishes are so impressive that even non-vegetarians are likely to swoon over the vegetarian offerings. Lume  is an all day dining restuarant. It is divided into two floors. The colourful glasses add so much vibrancy to the space and the briefcase stairs are a class apart. Things you must try at Lume are – Kung Pao Mushroom, Schezwan Paneer, Panner Chilli Tacos, Chocolate Pizza, Lahori Panner Kabab & their almost home Paanch Dhatu Thali – These are their specialities & we loved it, so must try!

Dining under the stars is a luxury in this beautiful mess called Mumbai.  Now, Patch of Sky is the latest addition to the Aureole Hotel group. Set in the heart of the suburb, this rooftop restaurant is everything you wished for. It hosts an array of cuisines from across to tickle your taste buds. Our favorites were- Bocconcini (smoked tomato and zucchini skewers with basil emulsion) ,Nachos al a Aureole(Mexican beans, queso, tomato jalapeno salsa and, yes, sour cream) &  Mega chocolate balloon (brownie, nuts, marshmallow with crispy wafers) in the dessert.

With flavors that were spot-on and melt-in-the-mouth texture, these ones are not to be missed! These were our favorites.

Overall, we had an amazing stay. The team at Aureole hotel makes sure that guest should feel like a guest first, and a customer second. Highly recommended to check out this property next time you visit

Big thanks to the team for being such an amazing host.


Food: 9/10
Ambience: 9/10
Service: 9/10


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