Antara Spa, The Club Mumbai [Review]

Last month we visited The Club Mumbai and were looking to indulge into some pampering & relaxation. Due to hectic schedule and travelling we ignored our skin for a long time. Stress, anxiety, stiff muscles, sore eyes – we are all victims of it at some point.  So to de-stress ourselves we went to Antara Spa that offers a range of spa therapies and relaxation services.

Antara in Sanskrit means “looking within” or introspect.  India’s culture lies at the heart of the Indian experience. The spiritual and medicinal legacies of India are well inculcated in the Antara Spa, as they not only had the best signature therapies with flower oils but also had Reiki as part of the menu. Something you get to experience only in high-end Spa. Their extensive day spa menu includes Full Body Massage, Body Scrubs, Body Wraps, Facials, Manicure and Pedicure.

The treatments offered at this spa lets you experience the richness and luxurious lifestyle. As a result, people visiting the spa get a meaningful experience that provides a rejuvenating experience to the body and soul.

We indulged in some much-needed ‘me’ time & experienced their best massages/therapies that we would definitely recommend you:


A unique fusion of a rejuvenating Swedish massage, relaxing Aroma Massage and the traditional Thai Massage, using a blend of essential oils with warming qualities that help to ease out tired muscles and revitalize both mind and body. It also helps to improve blood circulation leaving the entire body feeling totally relaxed and refreshed.


Unique massage therapy where special Californian candles are ignited to generate warm grape seed oil. Vinotherapy hydrates and moisturizes your skin leaving it soft and supple. The hot basalt stones gently pass on the heat to the body and helps soothe your aching joints leaving a deep sense of relaxation and invigoration.


Soft and medium pressure (massage) is applied using palms with a blend of essential oils to balance the chakras and energy which improves blood circulation and disperses tension. It works on various chakra points in the body that balances mental, physical and emotional levels.


In this therapy, deep tissue pressure is applied from top to bottom, followed by special vacuum cups used to improve blood circulation, release toxins, soften stiff muscles and tissues, mainly for back, thigh and calf muscles. Also reduces hypertension and treats stress.


A highly recommended facial, the Babor facial line for men contains a powerful energizing formula to boost the resilience of the skin. The treatment includes cleansing, toning, a enzymes peeling scrub followed by a gentle massage with an anti-wrinkle cream. Finally, relax & refresh with the rejuvenated Babor mask & Babor perfection fluid.

The session ended with steam therapy.  We felt buoyant and energized afterwards. It’s place that will enhance and optimise the total “mind – body experience”. You can feel the good vibes around and smell exotic aromas, essential oils and floral fragrances, right when you enter the SPA.  We came out with a big smile on our face and we are sure that you will have the same experience if you give it a try.

P.s- 1. They have a new addition – Flower Power treatment this month. Don’t forget to check it out.
2.  Pictures shown are for illustration purpose only! 

Address: Club Mumbai,  No.197, D.N.Nagar, Andheri West, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400053
Phone: 022 6611 7777

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