The Lalit Mangar – A Romantic Getaway Close To Nature [Review]

A weekend getaway becomes fantastic if your accommodation is an experience in itself. Fresh air, the magnificent vista of the Aravallis hills and bani valley, a delightful selection of cuisines and a chance to immerse in  romantic, spiritual, rustic and celestial experience.


This best describes Lalit Mangar,  peaceful & romantic getaway you’d always wanted to spend time with your loved ones. Consider this as one of the best destinations for luxurious retreat.

The all-suite Lalit Mangar, just off the beautiful Gurga­on-Faridabad Road, is low on carbon foot­print and high on style. This luxury getaway is 1 hour drive from New Delhi near Faridabad

You will be greeted by amazing hospitality team during the check-in to take care of your needs and an adorable little mascot, the deer, waiting for you in the bedroom.

Lalit Mangar offers 35 opulent suites. The bedrooms are very spacious and the entire hotel has been exquisitely built using unique rammed earth, an eco-friendly technique, where raw materials such as earth chalk and gravels are used in layers. The fifteen inch thick walls are insulated thereby, remaining cool in summer and warm in winter. Since it is a 5-star property, you can expect all luxuries and amenities in the rooms &  quality service. The wide balcony has a comfortable seating arrangement and a picturesque view.

Their restaurant is called the Dining Room & the food menu has been designed keeping holistic well being in mind and almost all of it is organic, with the produce being sourced from their own farms. The kitchen staff and chefs make sure that their guests enjoy food made of only fresh ingredients. It’s a delightful experience, especially for those who look for healthy options even on holidays

Wellness areas include a Gym and a Spa (Time Reversal Spa). Towards the end of a hectic day, we lied back, closed our eyes & let the expert hands work the stress out from our body at the spa. Since it’s currently in a revamp mode, we had limited options to choose and we went ahead with the Aroma Therapy.

The pathway from the entrance to the last room is a long stretch, giving you ample space to take evening strolls.

Experiences at the Lalit Mangar centre around silence and rejuvenation. The hotel’s curated activities promise to take you into a different zone every moment. If you love stargazing, join in for a celestial experience. The clear night sky offers great opportunities for stargazing.  Something many of us fantasize about. A rare & a beautiful experience.

If you are a nature lover, step into the wild for trekking to nearby lake. If you’re a fitness freak, head out for cycling or just spread your yoga mat and indulge in your favourite asanas, early morning with yoga guru to assist you and take you through a journey that will rejuvenate your body, mind and soul.

One can also soak in the rustic village ambiance by making potteries, watching puppet shows and savouring Chai at the teal stall 🙂

It looks glamorous  with its stunning architecture, dramatic lighting & everything else that is defines a true luxury hotel.

If you are looking for peace and harmony, then this place is for you. If you’re a nature lover then this place is for you. If you want to spend quality time with your loved ones in this romantic environment then this is the perfect getaway.

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