Sana-Di-Ge [Review]

Mention coastal cuisine, and it’s assumed that it would be seafood and coconut that would be talked about. 🙂

Linger over the vast seafood and north Indian menu before you make your choices from this coconut-rich cuisine at Sanadigne which is a happy happy celebration of authentic coastal cuisine with rather memorable flavours that play havoc on your palate, well in only the best way.

To excite Delhiites’ taste-buds with its authentic coastal cuisine, a Bengaluru-based group set up its award winning restaurant, Sana-Di-Ge in Delhi.

And a this is exactly the welcoming penache of the restaurant which is most aptly lit with a brass lamp and plentiful flames on entrance at the center. Spread across three floors with a glass elevator in the center and interiors reflecting grandeur, tradition and dashes of modernity, the idea to recreate a sacred space of food and subsequent joy is well achieved.

Talking the real gluttonous talk, the menu reads like a big fat book of all things indulgent and delicious, clambering around South Indian, coastal, North Indian cuisine playing favourites to seafood.Restaurant aims to bring a rich variety of dishes from the coastal belt of Karnataka in particular, and the Western Ghats in general, to satiate the palates of NCR. All masalas and ingredients used in cooking are imported from Mangalore.

Starting off with crab soup &  Paneer Ghee Roast, that looked minimalist until I bit into a rather immersive experience of marinated cottage cheese roasted with ghee & spices.

This was followed by a rather majestic Yetti Prawn Platter that blew my mind away with sensational prawns cooked four way, rich pepper fry, spicy Tawa fry, Chilly prawns and prawn sukka. Huge in portion and a meal in itself that must certainly be on the table! The prawns are formidably fresh considering the landlocked capital delhi is!Butter Pepper garlic Lobster was a symphony of exotic flavours and delicate textures, straight from the sea to the table. Brilliant cook on the tender lobster bathed in a silken butter garlic sauce that could invoke a poet in anyone. Gorgeous flavours that have me salivating as I write this. Highly recommended.

Main course only becomes more indulgent from here with overpowering flavours, hearty presentations and portions.
Kori Thali is a beguiling medley of chicken sukka, chicken pepper fry, chicken curry, some more chicken types cooked exceptionally well with veg palya, papad, pickles, rice, rasam, buttermilk and so on. This is a sight to behold and devour with a promise of an extremely satisfied tummy!

You can also try Mutton Pepper Fry,  Chicken Kundapuri & Prawn Gussi  if not thali. It was perhaps the star of the afternoon. The fiery pepper marinade had permeated through the meat so well and the meat cooked to perfection that it simply melted in our mouths.
Since I wanted to try out something in chicken, we were recommended the Chicken Chilly Fry which in my opinion tasted a lot like a South Indian take on Indo-Chinese food, a food culture that is very prevalent in Mangalore.

Sana-di-ge also offers a wide range of drinks that are categorized under coolers, beverages, mocktails and cocktails  that will perk up your tastebuds in a heartbeat.

Last but not the least, if you want to try a unique, delectable South Indian dessert that’ll leave you asking for more? Well, then don’t forget to savor the Elaneer Payasam.

Final Ratings:
Ambience: 7/10
Food: 7/10
Service: 7/10

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