R.E.D, Radisson MBD [Review]

R.E.D. (Rare Eastern Dining) at Radisson MBD, Noida, makes your meal an adventure with creative twists on Pan-Asian dishes, a wok show kitchen and an induction table where patrons participate in preparing the food. Their expert chef from Singapore crafts updated versions of classic dishes from Thailand, China, Singapore, Japan and the Indo-Malayan region.

Making our way to R.E.D with our host,  Ms. Simmi & Chef Raymond we happily devoured dishes off their their menu.  Here’s our review:

Linger over the vast seafood & thai menu before you make your choices. This place is a revelation in itself Sanadigne &  happy celebration of authentic seafood & thai cuisine with memorable flavours that play havoc on your palate.

We recommend you begin with the Coffe pork ribs, Honey chilli beans, Tofu chilli vinegar& my favorite Oats prawn made with nestem oats. 🙂
These starters stood out for us. With flavors that were spot-on and melt-in-the-mouth texture, these ones are not to be missed! Highly recommended.

Though this may be just a starter, it can hold its own even when faced by the worthy main course of the Steamed fish in black pepper sauce, Thai Greens, Prawns in Oyester pepper sauce, Schezwan sauce mixed with mixed begetables & behum rice. It was a match made in heaven. Ahem. Or to say in the kitchens of R.E.D by chef,  & his team ❤

Roses are red, radisson is blu, oh my love, i can have this meal only with you! These are the exact same words you will utter, so make sure get your loved one here for the date or probably your family for the dinner. We are very happy we found this hidden treasure! 🙂

There’s a popular saying, that the higher you want to rise, the closer you should remain to your roots. The same concept applies to food. Keep it close to it’s roots, as close to it’s original flavor as possible, and people will keep coming back to it, again and again. Interestingly, even non-vegetarians are likely to swoon over the vegetarian offerings at R.E.D.

Their team of passionate chefs had served us some of the best dishes one can have on planet earth!
Picture speaks for itself. A thousand emotions can be expressed just by one picture. All i can say is that sweets dreams are made of this.

After this heavy sumptuous meal, the one dessert that you cannot miss out are these. Fried ice-creams. Trust us, you’ll love it!


Ambience: 8/10
Food: 9/10
Service: 9/10

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