Work Wear Fashion Rules To Swear By

The year started on a very glamorous note, with award shows and fashion week in the beginning of the year. For fashion forwards, it was a real deal, such fresh new fashion vibes for the starters has already given a boost. Learning quickly from the lessons we have compiled some quick notes for you ladies.

You cannot experiment much with your office looks, but well, what if we say a couple of changes can bring some zesty new vibes in your office looks this year?

Some quick makeup tips, little fashion hacks and just a few updates on the trends and you will be thanking us in the end! So, let’s get started with the lessons!

Crisp & Minimal

Stay minimalistic, in terms of dressing up, makeup or accessories, also it will bring out the best of your looks at the workplace.

Tip- Pick statement clothing articles and juggle with the articles. Restrain yourself for a week or so and you will explore the beauty of experimenting with the minimal.

Shoppers Stop offers a huge collection of women’s work wear clothing, that primarily suffices all your work wear clothing needs.

Colors & Bling

Sharp and precise should be the mantra and your color palette should touch the neutral tones, whether in terms of makeup or outfits.

Makeup – Neutral lip color with low-key lids and subtle flush on cheeks should be good, match it with sleek hairstyles.

Outfits- You can play around with colors, but keep them low key. Too much bright or too many prints might not be the right pick. Try picking solids, neutral shades, you add a zesty appeal to your office look with the green color palette. Since Pantone announced, Greenery as their color of the year 2017, it becomes a fair rule to flaunt the best of greens.

Sleek & Glowing

Hair and makeup are crucial players, they can either kill your looks or give you killer looks. So, work on keeping your makeup minimal but dewy fresh and pick for hair styles that aren’t too heavy.

Makeup – Dewy face with low-key eyelids that carries a subtle flush to your cheeks and lips that sport a graceful and neat shade. Nothing that looks too made up! For any kind of product that goes in your office makeup look, we would suggest keeping a good product because that product will sit on your skin for good 8-9 hours.

Hair – Put them in a bun, or if not keep them tamed and set them with a good hairspray. Sleek hairstyles are one of the current trends that have given us promising goals.

Everything but comfortable

Be it shoes or outfit.

Pick comfortable wear, Chelsea boots are the seasons demand. Later we want to stick to our good old loafers and bellies. When going forward with heels, we suggest on investing in platform heels, nothing brassy and showy but strong and stylish.

Accessorize Strong

Picking accessories for workplace may often mislead you, how much is too much? We suggest on not over doing, but keeping light and comfortable. Workplace fashion statements can be tricky you don’t want to make a fool of yourself, but stand out as a fashionista.

Sober stud earrings, dainty rings, light pendant chains, a sober wrist watch and a sturdy handbag makes it all good.

You can browse through Shoppers Stop’s massive wrist watch and handbag collection, to pick the right one for you.

Smell good, Smell light!

We will conclude with a subtle and light note, perfumes.

It is very important to smell right at your workplace you cannot be powerful or too strong. That is a right away NO! NO! Instead, pick something long lasting and light.

And currently, we are loving Shoppers Stop for all our searches be it a good bang bag, watch or a perfume.

Please drop us your suggestions on how you plan to bring a twist to your office looks this season.



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