Asia Seven [Review]

The inspiration for Asia 7 originates from the hawker style street kitchens that abound all over Asia. Asia 7 is not just about food, it is about a wholesome traditional dining experience, offering a first-hand culinary journey to savor the finest cuisines, flavors, fragrances, ingredients and experiences. The ‘seven’ in the name of this restaurant signifies the seven most popular Asian culinary destinations that it draws from – China, Thailand, Korea, Japan, Malaysia, Myanmar and Vietnam.

Asia Seven at High Street Phoenix is running a Yum Cha Festival.  Dimsum literally translating to “touch the heart” is an integral part of this festival. All the dim sums are  made with fresh ingredients and had the thinnest covering – two very important factors for good dim sums.

First let me talk about my favourite ones. The Sui Mai was fresh and mildly flavored keeping in mind the delicate nature of the flesh. The Crystal Shrimp was a burst of flavors with the tiniest hint of seasoning which made it a treat to have. The Silken Tofu, Spinach and Water Chestnut Dim sum was full of delicate flavors with each ingredients standing out. The Wild mushroom and Truffle Sauce Dim sum had all the earthy goodness of mushrooms and truffle and it was indeed one of the best dishes of the afternoon. Also, must try are Asparagus tempora roll,  Seafood platter, Hamachi New york Dragon  & Tuna Nigiri.

And oh yes, how can we forget those mocktails and desserts. “Sangrai” &  “It’s a small world” will make you feel like you’re in heaven. In desserts, Banana Cheescake is their speciality.

The menu is pretty extensive and I could find little or no fault with any of the dishes.

Service: 5
Decor: 4

Picture Courtesy: Emma Talapkova
Instagram: emmy_emitaa

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