Introducing The New Super Models In Town – LeEco Super3 TVs [Review]

The television, for most Indians,  is the first piece of technology they came in contact with. From CRTs to LEDs and even OLEDs, the TV matters in a household, and innovation in TV tech is truly innovation for the mainstream. Yet, the best TVs in the market are beyond the common man’s reach.

Last month we told you about the LeEco’s Le2 smartphone {see here}. This time we’re introducing LeEco’s 3 super models  to you –  Max65, X65, & X55

After making a massive impact in the smartphone market in India, LeEco is now disrupting the television market with its new range of TVs.  It’s superior hardware, display, design, affordable pricing and membership ensures that this brand stand out from the rest

The smart televisions support 4K video & run on LeEco’s eUI 5.8 interface, layered over Android Lollipop. Eight GB RAM with a quad-core processor enables the 3840×2160 resolution of this TV to deliver top viewing results. It also supports Smart TV features via internet. You can connect to internet via Wi-Fi or Ethernet (LAN cable).

The interface is nice and peppy looking. The transitions and animations are smooth and everything seems to works great. This is probably one of the best things about the TV, it is responsive and fast, thanks to the quad-core processor and 2GB of RAM.

While the Max65 and X65 cost Rs. 1,49,790 and Rs. 99,790 respectively, it is the X55 that really makes a difference. The 55-inch 4K TV costs Rs. 59,790, making it one of the affordable smart TVs in the market.

To begin with, I have been catching up on all action movies which I missed watching  & I’m loving it.

Full-HD to 4K quality content looks appealing on the TV

The first thing you notice is the simplicity and elegance of the Super 3 TV.  The display panel covers the major part of the TV, leaving us with almost a bezel-less television. It’s colours are bright, vivid & saturated.  It stands firmly, all by itself, on a super slick and curvy stand called the yoga stand.  Looks cool, right?
It comes with  two 10W speakers, Dolby Audio & it even supports wireless headphones.


The favourite part  is that you can enjoy more than 2000 handpicked blockbuster movies. The feature is called Le Vidi and is available to all Super 3 users for free for 2 years. Wohoo!

If all of this wasn’t enough to satisfy you then Super 3 smart TVs come with 2 years LeEco standard warranty and up to 4 years’ panel warranty. The company is offering 24×7 call centre support and 330 service centres at convenient prime locations across the country for its TV range!


  • Bright and crisp 4K display
  • Smart TV features supported
  • Host of connectivity options
  • Bundled content


  • Doesn’t offer Google Play store

Why Buy It?

The LeEco Super3 TV is probably the only 4K-powered TV in India that is starting for as low as Rs 59,970. For this price, you get an aesthetically pleasing model with a near bezel-less display, combined with Smart TV features and access to content via Eros Now.

Build and Design: 8/10
Display: 8/10
Audio: 9/10
UI:  8/10

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