8 Things Men Shouldn’t Do On The First Date

“First impressions are the best impressions,” – It’s very true! How a person behaves with us the first time we meet them definitely sets the tone for our future interactions, especially if it’s a first date.

Here’s a list of 8 things guys shouldn’t even think about doing on their dates. Men, use this as a guide. Women, tell me if you agree with my tips or have anything else to add!

1. Mentioning health issues:
No talking about anti-depressants sleeping pills, anti-fungals and the stuff you take for acid reflux or gastro problems.  There will be plenty of time to share that stuff. Later. Much later.

2. Being late by more than 15 minutes.
If you really want to piss her off, try being late by more than 30. She’ll probably walk away.

suitsusanetwork running suits late 5x16

3. Talking about how much money you have:
If you’re trying to impress a woman by bragging about your Porsche,  or the expensive watch on your wrist, the chances are very good that she’s not impressed. Those material things say very little about who you are.

4. Telling your whole life story
Keep the conversation fun and light. If you reveal your entire life story from childhood until now, you’ll bore your date.


5. Throwing all the wrong moves on dance floor
Be prepared with the right moves. Otherwise, you’ll never see that girl again. Never ever.

6. Keeping your phone on the table & leaving Tinder notifications on…
Try this and you’re a DEAD MAN

7. Staring some other girl
Yes, the girl in the white dress might looks flawless but don’t make it obvious. It will make your date uncomfortable and you are meant to be on a date with her.

reaction jimmy fallon fallontonight eyes tonight show

7. Talking about exes
Unless prompted and okay-d by both parties, this is another topic to not talk about on the date

8. Holding hand without her permission
Never! If you do that then there are two possibilities, you’ll get away with it and she’ll never see you again. Second, nobody will ever see you again. Her brothers will rip you apart even before she pulls that trigger.

Now that you know what not to do, wait for next article about things you should do to impress her.

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