The Royal Attire : Pawan Sachdeva’s Collection

The fashionably-conscious men of India have a lot to thank designers who have revolutionized the fashion industry. They have brought every part of our indefinitely varied culture in their fabrics, their designs and their lines. And today we’ll talk about renowned fashion designer Pawan Sachdeva, who gave the men’s fashion world a bounty of creative and unique ensembles. His work features fine embroidery and tailoring that makes you go weak in the knees.  You own a piece from his label for everlasting elegance.

 The designer has been ruling the fashion industry, both in India and abroad, for over a decade now and is well acclaimed for his distinctive styles and immaculate finish. His designs spell clean lines, and are the perfect blend of modern meets traditional. 

Like an artist he portrays the world by weaving his thoughts & inspirations to craft the beautiful pieces &  that is why a  piece from his collection is a wardrobe treasure for life. 

If you wish to check out the exclusive collection then you can visit their design studio in Naraina Vihar.



Photography Credits: Indraneil Tomar








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