The Canadian Tuxedo

Denim on Denim. That’s the new approach that fashion is taking. If you uttered the term “Canadian Tuxedo” (Denim On Denim Look) to any fashion editor just a decade ago, the reaction would have been rolled eyes and  raised eyebrows. However, as with all things in fashion, this once fabled faux pas has evolved. The trend got a bad reputation in the ’90s when a celebrity was caught wearing a matching jean & shirt that resembled a onesie. 

Since then the look has taken a drastic 180!

Today, denim on denim has been exploded on the street style  and has been spotted at Fashion Weeks. If you wish you could wear denim on denim all the time, you’re going to LOVE spring 2015. The designers at Fashion Week—from New York to London to Milan to Paris—took “denim on denim” trend to an entirely new level. Basically, there’s different denim on denim look for every occasion.

We’re of the firm opinion that twice as much denim is twice as good. And if you’re not quite convinced yet or are in need of some style inspiration, then check out this look!


Wardrobe Courtesy : GAS

Photography Credits: Dhruv H. Panchal



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  1. Swan says:

    Denim Jackets always looks great, very suitable for long rides.


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