Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge – Review

The Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge is a triumph of engineering, beautifully curved form and function! Its design is far more convincing than any Samsung device  till date. The company has gone from plastic, to glass and metal. The result is a stunningly pretty and powerful smartphone



Samsung S6 Edge



The Edgy design does have a striking appearance. Framed in cool-to-the-touch aluminium, and with a colored Gorilla Glass 4 rear and front, it’s a beautiful phone to behold. Samsung has been keen to push its focus on the Edge’s premium materials, produced using “first-of-its-kind glass crafting technology and unmatched quality control. The S6 Edge comes in Black Sapphire, White Pearl and Gold Platinum

The screen technology used is Samsung’s is the AMOLED, which has a Quad HD (  2,560 x 1,440  pixels) and a phenomenal pixel density of 576ppi. Currently the best in the market, and it shows. The device feels balanced and pleasant to hold. Its 5.1-inch Quad HD display covers  almost the entire width of the handset which makes watching videos a joy.



The S6 Edge is thinner and lighter than the regular S6 (0.28 inches, 4.9 ounces) and slightly thinner and a bit heavier than the iPhone 6 (0.27 inches, 4.6 ounces). It arrives with Android 5.0.2 and the latest version of the TouchWiz UI. The latest version of TouchWiz provides access to a wide range of customization, as well as all-new themes and “Download Booster” makes a welcome return. Samsung’s Download Booster speeds up downloads by combining mobile data and Wi-Fi



Octacore application processor does good work of running multiple apps, without discernible lag when shuffling between them.

We also noticed that when the Edge is placed face down, the curved sides light up with the appropriate color of the contact who is calling. As each of your favorite contacts is assigned a color, you can see which one is contacting you at a glance, as the corresponding color is displayed. This effect is limited to your five contacts, however.

Samsung S6 Edge



Galaxy S6 Edge incorporates a heart rate sensor.You can touch the heart rate sensor on the phone’s rear to reject any incoming calls and trigger the sending of a default reply text, without having to flip the handset over.

Samsung S6 Edge


Taking about the camera. The 16 megapixel camera of the Galaxy S6 Edge includes optical image stabilization. Pictures taken with the rear-facing lens are incredibly sharp with the level of detail. The front-facing 5MP lens produces clear, defined pictures even in low-level light, complete with 120 degree wide-angle lens for all those wide selfies you’re dying to snap. It is wonderfully laid out, with a handful of modes and features to keep mobile photographers happy.

Samsung S6 Edge


Here’s a quick list:

  • Surround Shot: a Photosphere-like mode that lets you take 360-degree photos
  • Sound & Shot: record the audio of your surroundings at the time the photo was taken for more immersive photos
  • Rear-Cam Selfie: use the rear camera to take a selfie with visual cues to let you know when it’s about to snap the shot
  • Dual Camera: snap a photo or shoot video with both the front and rear cameras simultaneously
  • Animated GIF: create a moving image of a series of photos or videos and save it as an animated GIF
  • Beauty Face: image tweaks to enhance the look of human faces
  • Sports Shot: automatically selects focus and exposure settings for fast moving scenes
  • Food Shot: a macro-focus mode for bringing out the best details in a close-up shot of food

Among the standout features of the S6 Edge, like the dedicated side-screens, is the fingerprint scanner that can be accessed in lock screen settings. You can configure multiple fingerprints to unlock your device, as well as a backup password if the fingerprint scanner malfunctions. Not only can your fingerprint be used to unlock your device, you can also connect to the Web, check your Samsung account, or make a payment with Paypal.

Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge: Review


Samsung has introduced a section called “quality and sound effects”. Within the settings (of sound effects) on the Galaxy S6 Edge, there are three options, including one called Adapt Sound, for tweaking the  sound configuration for when you make calls, listen to music or watch videos. You can easily manage the colors on the Galaxy S6 Edge to suit your taste.

Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge: Review


Galaxy S6 Edge’s battery life with two power saving modes. The first, can limit processor performance, the frame rate, the brightness of the screen and device vibration. The other one which is “Ultra Power Saving” mode turns your device to grayscale and limits the number of applications usage, effectively reducing your device to minimum processing: Turns off Phone, Message (SMS), Internet, Calculator, Voice Recorder, Facebook, Google+, Clock, Notepad, Twitter and WhatsApp. Here you can expect two days of battery, but at a significant cost.

Battery life is decent. After using it to check emails and play games throughout the morning, within just a few hours the battery had fallen to  50 per cent, which is fine. Samsung say that a mere 10 minutes of charging through a regular charger translates into four hours of additional power.



Here’s a quick list of software features you’ll find inside the Galaxy S6 edge:

  • Smart Stay – Prevents display from sleeping while you’re looking at the phone.
  • Smart Alert – Alerts you every time you pick up the phone of missed calls or messages,
  • Direct call – Bring the phone to your ear while viewing one of their messages to call them directly.
  • Flip to mute – When receiving a call, place your phone face down to quickly mute it.
  • Quick toggles – Quickly toggle system functions like WiFI or Bluetooth and customize buttons for easy access.
  • Multi-view – Use two apps at the same time or create a popup app in a floating window.
  • Download booster – uses both your LTE and WiFi connection to download files at blazing speeds.
  • S Finder – one-stop search for every app, file or contact on your device.
  • Notification Reminder – Remind yourself to take action on past notifications by reminding every few seconds or minutes.
  • Quick connect – Send files to other Galaxy users quickly and easily.
  • Private mode – keep “sensitive” content on your phone safe by making it only visible while in Private mode.
  • Send SOS messages – Quickly send an emergency message to designated contacts along with photos and location.
  • Emergency mode – It’s like extreme ultra power saving mode for those emergency situations.
  • Adapt sound – Uses a variety of tones and beeps to custom tailor a sound profile to your ears.
  • Smart Manager – This app is supposed to help you keep up with routine maintenance on your phone

Samsung is celebrating the successful launch of the Samsung galaxy s6 edge with a handful of “unboxing” videos. Check them out! You would love them ( GS6 Edge Unboxing — Escape Alert) ( GS6 Edge Unboxing — Parkour Tour) ( GS6 Edge Unboxing — Fast Charging)

In order to produce such a gorgeous work of art, the removable rear panel, replaceable battery and micro SD slot for storage expansion are out of the picture. Also, Edge is not water and dust resistant like last year’s  Galaxy S5.

Quick tip that we just read: There should be an update available for an application called “Samsung Push Service”. If you have an update available,  install it. Apart from bug fixes, Samsung has applied patches to reduce data usage and power consumption. Once you download the update, be sure to let us know in the comment section if you experience any less battery drain than before

Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge: Review


Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge: Review

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