Redefining The Art Of Making Watches

Things you most regret in life are the things you didn’t do. Meet, Jaipur-based entrepreneur Gaurav Mehta who preferred trying over regretting. He has created a physical manifestation of the belief that time is money.  His passion for horology (the art of making watches) and numismatics (the study or collection of coins and medals) gave birth to Jaipur Watch Company and its premier collection – Coin Watches. The coin watches are embedded with ancient coins in the dial that make these watches unique and add a touch of royalty to it.

Since childhood, the idea of collecting coins interested him. He was fascinated by the stories and the history every coin came with. Slowly he started building this fascination into a collection by collecting every ancient coin he could get his hands on.  For the risk management graduate, who was involved in insurance and family entertainment businesses earlier, Jaipur Watch Company has been a fruitful gamble & a successful venture. Today, JWC is in talks with a few celebrities from sports and Bollywood to create special watches for them.

Their first watch collection called ‘Imperial’ had dials made of King George VI half silver coins from 1939. Next up is the British Indian and Queen Victoria one rupee coin watches that he plans to unveil this year

The parts such as movements, stainless steel body and sapphire glass cases are imported from various parts of the world and assembled at a manufacturing unit in Jaipur. The main design team in Hong Kong is closely working with  design support team in Jaipur & the production  is done in collaboration with one of the finest watch making factories. Every watch made of stainless steel or gold-plating is water-resistant up to 30 metres, has a scratch-proof sapphire glass case and comes studded with a sapphire stone on the winder. An authentication certificate along with a two-year warranty is also provided to its customers.

Jaipur Watch Company is undeniably India’s first and only bespoke Watch Company with an exclusive distinctiveness. The brand endeavors to offer elegant timepieces for the discerning across the globe. Staying true to the essence of the brand, Jaipur Watch Company unveils its first retail outlet in the capital (Delhi) at House of Heirloom, a store that celebrates design and artistry.



Exclusive Watches

Coin Watches




Live assembling of timepiece from The King’s Wrist wear collection by Gaurav Mehta at House of Heirloom. (Pic)



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  1. Juwelier says:

    Very nice watch designs. I like it.


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