Men’s Fragrances Women Love Most


It’s true. If you smell good, you’re immediately more desirable! Apart from visual senses the sense of a smell plays a huge role in determining one’s attraction to another person.

In a survey made in UK, women have stated that men who wear perfume are more appealing and memorable because every time a woman smells that scent, she instantly think of a person who wore it.  Selecting the right fragrance is very important because the scent you use basically portrays your personality

So knowing what fragrances women love on a man can help decode the mystery of woman-man attraction!

The five main categories are: Fresh, Floral, Warm and Spice, Earthy &Woody. These four types are then broken down into subcategories.


*Woody and Earthy Fragrances

As the name suggests this particular type of scent spreads the smell of sandalwood and rose wood. Huge amount of vetiver as well as cedar make this woody scent special. A woody fragrance immediately appeals to women’s sense of smell. These perfumes are sophisticated and elegant, perfect for autumn days, dinner dates, and formal attire.

It’s Subcategories: Classic Woods, Citrus &Woods, Earthy Greens & Herbs



*Fresh Fragrances

Fresh fragrances that remind her of the mountains, sea and ocean are big hit. They are light, clean,  fresh, and uplifting, a great option for summer and warm weather.  Alluring scent of fresh fragrances unearths a soulful sensuality.

It’s Subcategories: Aquatic, Citrus & Fruits, Fruity Floral




*Floral Fragrances

Floral fragrance with small hit of vanilla and lavender is another powerful fragrance which is a big hit that gives off a virile male vibe. This sensual and refined scent is refreshing, romantic and uplifting. Wear it and you good to make heads turn wherever you go.

It’s Subcategories: Fresh Floral & Classic Floral





*Warm & Spice Fragrances

Be remembered for your masculine and energetic scent. Warm and Spicy fragrances are seductive and alluring, perfect for winter wear. Spices, resins and exotic flowers- a rich scent that reflects your vibrant spirit.

It’s Subcategories: Wood Spices, Cool Spices & Warm Floral




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