Dessert Date At Chew (Pan Asian Cafe) – Review

When it comes to wining and dining a first date, dessert is the key to winning someone’s heart. Sweet tastes make a potential lover appear more attractive.

In a study out of Purdue University, people were given a description of a potential mate. Then, half of the participants drank something sweet, while the rest were given water. The sugar-drinking group was more interested in going out with the potential date—and expected their relationship to be more intimate. In another experiment, the researchers produced similar results with cookies

Conclusion – Our brains link sweet flavors with romance.  There’s a powerful link between sweet tastes and emotions associated with love, particularly when it comes to initial attraction.

So if you’re planning for a dessert date visit Chew, a cafe which is famous for its mocktails & mouth-watering desserts!


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